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Online - Is It Right for You?

Things to consider...

Before you buy a discounted course - read the fine print!  We do NOT charge proctoring fees for exams, and administer our exams on site.  All of our online students are welcome to attend our regularly scheduled classroom lectures FREE OF CHARGE to enhance their learning and understanding.  You MUST notify the instructor prior to attending to assure space permits (COVID has reduced our capacity)  All pre-license students may attend our CRAM sessions in preparation for their final or state exams - FREE OF CHARGE!  However- we use a CRAM book that costs $25.  Please notify the instructor so a book can be ordered - you can pay on arrival for the book.  Click here for schedules of classes.

Online Classes Are Not Quicker or Easier:  The Real Estate Commission mandates a student be "in class" for 75 hours.  The online class tracks your time.  There are no exceptions in the eyes of the law.

Online Classes are Convenient:  The online class can be started at any time - right now for example - and you have 6 months to complete the class.  

Completing the Class is the Hardest Part:  Most students who are successful with online class treat the class like a job.  They commit to completing 2-3 hours per day, every day, until they complete the modules.  It is very easy to get distracted or put off the class - this is a trap most students who enroll cannot overcome.

If You Are Determined:  The most important aspect of the online class is you MUST be determined.  This is both for the class and for the industry of real estate.  Self determined people find the most success and satisfaction with real estate.  The online class is your first test to see if you are suited for real estate.

Instructors are Available:  Our instructors are available to the online student, however, if you need to meet with them face to face, you will need to make an appointment.

You Do Not NEED a Book for Online:  The online modules are created so you do not need a book.  You can get a book when you enroll, but that will cost you more.

Proctoring Fees:  You can get cheaper courses from schools not based in GA, or based out of Atlanta.  That said, you will have to take a final exam that is proctored by a person.  If you purchase a less expensive course, many times it is less expensive because proctoring fees ARE NOT INCLUDED.  They can cost from $50 to $150 in addition to the cost of your class.  Our school does NOT charge proctoring fees to our students.

Classroom VS Online:  The classroom offers the same content, although it is presented differently and in different order, and of course delivered by an instructor.  The online course is a series of modules where a concept is presented, then you are asked to answer questions related to the content.  Once questions are answered correctly, you move to the next module.  This occurs until you have completed all modules.

Post License Class for New agents and Reciprocal Agents.  Once licensed in GA, whether as a newly licensed agent or an agent who has been granted a license through reciprocity - you MUST complete a "Designated Post License Course" of 25 hours.  Please note - you may NOT complete multiple courses that add up to 25 hours - it MUST BE a "Designated Post License Course."  Failure to complete this course within 365 days of a license being issued will cause your license to lapse.

Computer Class


Pre-License Class

60 Hour Pre-License Course

Take your career higher with your Brokers License.  This course is computer based independent study, but all online students of The Academy are welcomed to our classroom lectures to brush up and ask questions.

College Friends



75 Hour Pre-License Class

As an online student with AREEC, you are invited to attend any scheduled lecture of our classroom course where you may ask questions, participate in class - you can even bring your computer and work on your online course!

Teens & Library

CEU and Designated Post-License

From 3 hours to 36 hour packages

CEU's from 3 hours to 6 hours and bundled packages, and of course that all important "Designated 25 Hour Post License" course all newly licensed GA salespersons are mandated to complete within the first 365 days...

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