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The Books Are Getting Burned - Even My Little Book!

This is a follow up to my recent "Modern Day Book Burning" post on September 12th. I started that post knowing it could test the Technocrats. I didn't really expect it to - but it did. Which demonstrates the exact point of the original post in the first place - suppression of speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Here's what has happened... (and is happening)

Once I completed the post, I placed it on my Real Estate School Facebook newsfeed. I wanted to get some traffic so I boosted the post. Boosting a post involves paying for traffic - kind of like an ad campaign for my website on Google. Typically this takes about 10-30 minutes of review before the ad is approved. I have had my posts disapproved in the past, but in all cases prior it was because I had too much text in the photo - not due to content.

I boosted the post at 2 o'clock on Tuesday. At 5 PM, it had not been approved. The next morning (Wednesday), it had not been approved. Wednesday afternoon, still nothing. Thursday morning I received a message in my Facebook Ads Manager, stating since my post was "political" I had to demonstrate I was a real person. I guess several years of posting, paying for ads for my real estate classes, my name all over the internet related to real estate education - proves nothing.

What I have to do before I can get my post "boosted"

  • Complete a "Two-step" authorization of my page - both email and a code sent to my phone I have on record with Facebook.

  • Take a picture of the front and back of by State Issued "Drivers License" and upload to Facebook.

  • Enter the last 4 digits of my SSN in Facebook.

  • Verify my current physical residential address.

  • Facebook will now send me a "snail mail" letter to my physical address with a code on it, to be received in 5-7 business days and upon receipt, I must enter into Facebook Ads Manager.

Once all of this is complete, I can then "boost" my post on freedom of speech.

It is now Monday, September 17, 2018 and I have yet to receive my snail mail code, so by boosted post remains "in review".

I feel like my privacy has been violated. I am now "Registered" with Facebook, and the intimate details of my identity are now shared with Facebook. Will they sell it? We will see...

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