I Finally Have "my papers, and I am Legit!

September 24, 2018


On Saturday, I received my eagerly awaited snail mail from Facebook with my "unique code."  Once received, I was able to put my code into my Facebook page, and thus verification of who I really am has been completed.





To remind you:

  • I wrote a post about free speech and book burning on my blog

  • I shared to my longstanding Facebook school page

  • I tried to boost my post on Facebook

  • Facebook flagged my post as dealing with "politics"

  • Facebook had to verify who I am

  • Front and back cover of drivers license uploaded

  • Last 4 digits of my SSN

  • 2 step authentication to login to Facebook, password and texted code to my phone on record

  • Snail mail letter with secret code to my address on record

  • Upload secret code received in snail mail

After all of this, I can now boost my post on free speech.  Seems to me this is a little overboard.  I have had a Facebook page for nearly 8 years - hundreds of likes, shares, and posts.  I want to say something about free speech and this happens???

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