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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

  • How do I get a real estate license?
    In Georgia, you must complete a 75 hour salesperson pre-license class delivered by an approved school.
  • Which is best - Online or Classroom?
    In GA, you must attend 75 hours of class. Attendance is mandatory and taken at each class. If you do not complete 75 hours, you are not elligible to complete the course. Because of this rigid requirement, some students must take the online course as it is independent study, and taken on the students schedule. Frequently non-traditional students struggle to meet the demands of the classroom schedule - so online works best. However, the classroom setting is preferred by most, and online is chosen if the student cannot attend classes.
  • Where are courses offered?
    AREEC has two classroom sites. One is located in Savannah and one is located in Brunswick, GA.
  • What is "Post-License" Education?"
    All newly licensed real estate agent must complete a "Designated 25 Hour Post License Course" in the first 365 days of licensure. If this is not taken, their license will lapse due to eductation. It can be re-instated, but requires completion of the course and payment of the re-instatement fee.
  • Can I work on my own when I get licensed?
    If you are taking a salesperson course, you cannot "work on your own". You must affiliate with a broker and work under your broker. Once you have been active for 3 years, you can take the Brokers course and qualify as your own broker. Only then, can you "work on your own".
  • What are "CEU's"?"
    CEU stands for Continuing Education Units. A licensed agent or Broker must complete 36 hours of CEU's per 4 year renewal period.
  • Does AREEC recruit agents?
    GA Law prohibits instructors and schools from "recruiting" students for brokerages. In fact, schools and instructors can have their school or teaching license revoked for recruiting. Real estate schools must focus on education - and under all circumstances, may not recruit. Students taking courses may not recruit on behalf of a broker in the class as well.
  • If I have a problem with my instructor, who do I contact?"
    If you have a problem with an instructor, you may contact the school director, Tom Woiwode, or contact the Georgia Real Estate Commission and file a formal complaint. By GA Law, all complaints filed must be investigated.
  • Can I get a GA license if I am not a GA Resident?
    YES! You do not have to be a resident of GA to hold a GA Real Estate License.
  • What is "Reciprocity"?"
    GA borders 5 states and has agreements with each state to offer partial or complete reciprocity. This means that if you have a GA Real Estate License that is in "Good Standing", you may apply for a license in a border state and obtain a license in that state based upon your GA License. Each state is different, and the requirements are different as well. Some stated require you to take state specific law examinations. We recommend you contact the state you are interested in to get accurate information related to reciprocity with GA Licenses. These laws and agreements are subject to change.
  • How much is Tuition?
    CEU's are as low as $30 for 3 hour classes. Salesperson Pre-License class online is as low as $329. Classroom courses range from $450 - $550 depending on location of class.
  • Do you have financial assistance?
    We do not accept financial assistance. However, you may pay your tuition and some programs for veterans will re-imburse your tuition. This is between you and the VA.
  • Do you offer "Make-up" classes?"
    The classroom schedule is a grueling schedule and non traditional students have outside responsibilities. This is why 84 hours of class time is scheduled. You may miss up to 2 classes without requiring make up time. If you miss a 3rd or 4th class, you may make up those 2 classes. However, if you miss a 5th class, you may not make up additional classes and would have to drop the course.
  • Do you offer refunds for your classes?
    Classroom refunds may be granted before the first night of class is concluded. You must notify the instructor of your intent to drop. If you mark in the book in any way prior to the conclusion of the first night of class, your refund will be deducted $75 for the cost of the book. You will be able to keep the book.
  • What is your schools "Passing Percentage"?"
    Real Estate Schools cannot advertise or promote their "Passing Percentage".
  • How are you handling the Covid19 Virus?
    1. We are limiting class sizes. 2. We are practicing all recommended CDC guidelines. 3. All students must sign a waiver of liability for the class.
  • How many classrooms do you have?
    We have 2. One is located in Brunswick, GA and one is in Savannah, GA.

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