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Notice to Students


The Academy for Real Estate Education and Consulting (AREEC) is approved to offer real estate pre-license, both broker and salesperson, salesperson post-license, and continuing education classes to real estate license candidates and licensees of the state of Georgia.  


The Georgia Real Estate Commission provides all certification that is required to offer real estate education, and The Academy for Real Estate Education and Consulting must substantially comply with all laws governing real estate education in the state of Georgia.


The School Code is #421.  When contacting the Georgia Real Estate Commission on a matter about our school, please ensure you provide School Code #421 as our school code.


With successful completion of pre-license courses, students will be certified to take the appropriate state exam administered by Applied Measurement Professionals (  AMP has a testing facility in Savannah, Macon, and Atlanta.

Our school does not provide Course Completion Certificates unless specifically requested by the student or licensing agency.  All course completions are transmitted electronically to the GA Real Estate Commission and records of classes and coursework are archived for three (3) years.


Location of School: 


In Savannah, our school is located at 6349 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA  31405.

In Brunswick, our school is located at 1965 Glynn Avenue, Brunswick, GA 31520.

School Director:

Tom Woiwode



School Administrator – Taylor Long/Savannah


School Coordinator – Tracey MacDonald/Brunswick/SSI/Kingsland



All classes are administered in strict adherence to Georgia Real Estate License law.  Attendance for CEU and license class credit is mandatory.


Grading and Attendance for Salesperson Resident Pre-License Classes:

In order to successfully complete this course, you must attend 75 hours of instruction.  There are 84 hours of instruction on the schedule.  You may miss up to 2 classes, but it is not recommended you miss any classes. 


Classwork that must be completed to be eligible to take the final exam:

  • 75 Hours of attendance

  • Take the Midterm Exam

  • Complete Contract assignment

  • Complete Valuation assignment

  • Take and pass the final exam with 75% or greater


No personal checks will be accepted within 10 days of class start dates.

No Recruiting Policy

No recruiting for employment for any real estate brokerage is allowed in this class or on the school premises by any students.  Report promptly any efforts to recruit by anyone to the Director for AREEC or to the Georgia Real Estate Commission by calling 404.656.3916.  (Commission Rule 520-2.15)


The Academy for Real Estate Education and Consulting does not discriminate in any manner, and supports the access of all students.

Privacy Policy:

We will NEVER share information about our students to anyone.  We do not discuss inquiries to our school.  All communication is confidential.  We will not disclose the nature of any conversations to any party unless failure to disclose would constitute a violation of law or obstruct the actions of a police officer or investigator.  In the event information is requested from third parties, written permission to disclose must be provided to our school in writing.

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