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Refund Policy

1.  When purchasing a book, there are no refunds.

2.  When purchasing an online course, a refund is available if you have not begun the course at the time the refund is requested.  If a course has been initiated, no refund will be provided.  In the event a refund is provided, the refund will be processed by OnCourse Learning Services, the provider of online educational content for the 

3.  When paying for a classroom based course either in person by check, cash, or credit card or via online payment portal, a refund can be requested prior to class beginning and a refund will be provided less a $20 processing fee.

4.  For pre-license courses (Salesperson and Broker), once a student receives a book and completes the first class, no refunds will be granted.  If a book has been provided as some students will request them early, and the student chooses not to proceed with the course prior to the first class, a refund less the cost of the book ($75) will be provided and the student will keep the book.

5.  For classroom continuing education courses, refunds will be granted at any time up to the start of the class.  Once class begins, there will be no refunds.

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