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About Taylor Long 

Taylor is the School Administrator.  Most likely, she will be the person you speak with more frequently other than your instructor. Her responsibilities include all school record maintenance, awarding and uploading credit to the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and ensuring all classes and materials are available.  

Real Estate Education

Taylor is currently serving as a Relocation Coordinator at a multi-office real estate brokerage. Taylor has become familiarized with real estate brokerage operations.

Prior to Real Estate

Taylor has a background in Business Administration and worked for Seabrook Designs, LLC in South Carolina. She quickly became known as a highly organized, detail oriented operational expert that can handle a great number of responsibilities. Her talent and abilities are what our school depends on to ensure your education is of the highest quality.

Personal Life

Taylor  was born and raised in Milledgeville, GA and currently resides in Savannah, GA. 

You can contact Taylor at 912-790-6963 or

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