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How to Get a Real Estate License

First... Go to License Classes

There are two routes a student can take in getting a Real Estate Sales-person license. You can complete the course online or attend a traditional class. In GA, the licensing requirements mandate 75 hours of class attendance. This is not your average college course where you go to the first class, get the book, and show up for the final. You must be in class for 75 hours, and attendance is taken. This is the first surprise most students encounter.

Most real estate students are non-traditional students. That is, they have jobs, children, and life responsibilities unlike the traditional student who attends college. You may be sitting next to an 18 year old, a mother of 3, or a retired attorney, an engineer, teacher, and most probably all of the above. This is why most courses in the coastal empire are evening courses - to accommodate the needs of the students.

Online vs Classroom

Because of the strict mandate to attend 75 hours of classes, many find their schedule cannot conform to the classroom and need flexibility. This is the purpose of the online class. Taking the course online allows the student to enroll and start immediately. The course logs the students time to ensure 75 hours is logged for the class, and the student has 6 months to complete all assignments. Of course - the student need not take the full 6 months - they can complete the course in as little as 3 weeks!

For upcoming classroom courses in Savannah and Brunswick - CLICK HERE

Course completed - What's Next?

Once a student completes the course - they have attended all class time equaling 75 hours, completed required course work, and passed the final, the school then certifies the student as eligible to take the state exam. Once the school has certified the student, the school has completed their job. The student then must pass the state licensing exam. Once the student has passed the state exam, they are now eligible for a salesperson license.

I Passed! What Now?

In order to practice real estate, a salesperson must affiliate with a real estate broker. Affiliation with a broker, and the processes surrounding that are the subject of a post by itself. Once you decide to get a real estate license, decide which is best for you - online or classroom. Then..Go forth and conquer!

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