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The "Truth" About Real Estate Classes

truth about real estate

I've taught real estate salesperson classes in Georgia for 16 years. I've taught thousands of students. There is one simple truth all potential students need to know - you're gonna have to study.

Class Begins

The first night of class begins with an orientation, and then it's off to the races. Students commonly believe they're going to learn how to "Sell" real estate. They aren't. Real estate class is about law and theory, contracts, common laws of agency, appraisels, real estate financing, estates, governmental powers, and state specific laws. It is NOT about selling. It's about learning the basic requirements of real estate and license law so the successful student, upon passing the state exam, is eligilbe for a license and will not do harm to the public. It's that simple.

Learning to "Sell" real estate is what you learn once you have a license.

Yes-They Passed

Many of my students that take the class know other people licensed and actively practicing real estate. They may be directed to the class because the person they know believes they would be successful in the business. About 3 or 4 classes into the course, the students who know people in real estate come to a realization - "my friend passed THIS course?" The answer is "Yes!"

Not a Cake Walk

Anyone practicing real estate with a license has not only passed the class, they passed the state exam, and they affiliated with a broker and learned how to sell real estate. The moment when students realize the class isn't the "cake walk" they believed it would be is when they begin to study - and by then it may be too late. If you want to pass the real estate class, you're gonna have to study. There is no shortcut. There is no magic bullet. There is no lecture or instructor that will fill your brain with all you need to know.

Not Meant to Scare You

I do not write this post to scare you. I write this to inform you. I spent 20 years in health care as a registered nurse. In hospitals I met a lot of really smart people. I took chemistry, biology, pathophysiology, and all the other classes in college to be a nurse. I thought I was smart and new a lot. I was wrong. Real estate class was the most difficult class I had ever taken.

Not What, But How Much

It is not difficult material - it is simply the VOLUME of material you must plow through and learn. There are over 650 vocabulary words alone. That's roughly 9 new words you will need to learn per hour of class. There are topics most students never knew existed before the class, but must demonstrate mastery on a single, pass / fail final exam. If the exam is failed - the ENTIRE CLASS must be repeated to get another chance. There is a lot riding on that one test.

Courage, Persistence

I personally know several highly successful brokers who took the course 3 times before passing. They are some of the smartest people I have ever met. Why did it take 3 times? Perhaps they didn't study the first time. Perhaps they choked on the final. But - they were persistent and courageous - and kept at it. It's difficult to admit to yourself and others you failed. It takes courage to get back on the horse and persistence to keep trying. These are key ingredience to success in this business, and the root of why they are so successful.


So when you decide to jump into this fantastic, roller coaster ride of a career - do this one thing for me - Study. And remember - your friends passed THIS class.

You might be one of the smartest people I will ever meet - but you're gonna have to study.

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