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Modern Day Book Burning

I try and stay away from politics on this blog, but I am an educator. I welcome opposing views, differing opinions, and am mature enough to listen and consider another's perspective. This simple post could put my blog and website in jeopardy, as I use the internet and social media to engage with students. Sometimes the message is more important, so here goes.

The Technocrats of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have decided to protect us from "extreme" views. Of course, the views they protect us from are those that are in contrast and not consistent with their own views. Any view not shared by them is considered extreme. Those extreme views are being suppressed (shadow-banned or in some cases - removed altogether,) much like a good old fashioned book burning.

Webster's Dictionary defines "book burning" as follows: "destruction of writing or pictures regarded as politically or socially harmful or subversive or produced by persons whose ideas or acts are so regarded."

These Technocrats have decided in isolation they are qualified to be the arbiters of what is socially and politically acceptable, and therefore are systematically removing and suppressing items from their platforms and shielding the masses from such "dangerous" content. Of course, the only danger is that others who share their views may be persuaded by those with contrary views - and they cannot let that happen.

... Catholics burned Martin Luther's bible - they didn't want anyone to see opposing views

... Nazi's burned "un-German" books - they didn't want anyone to see opposing views

... Taliban and ISIS destroyed libraries, shrines, and mosques - they didn't want anyone to see opposing views

The only differences in book-burning then and now? No paper, no fires, but without a doubt - the same message is being sent.

Have an opinion? Please share. I won't ban you, even if I disagree.

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